Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What We're Reading Now: Spoils of War

Monuments Men by Rober M. Edsel [940.531 EDSEL]
What happens to priceless art in the event of total war-in this instance World War II?  The Nazis looted many museums and private collections in the occupied countries; they were determined to take what they wanted for the Fuhrer (or themselves) and destroy what they considered degenerate.  George Clooney’s 2014 movie Monuments Men focused on a unit of Allied soldiers tasked with saving Europe’s art not only from the Nazis, but from Allied bombardment and Allied soldiers as well. Monuments Men highlights part of the story, but the history of the stolen art is more complicated. Check out these titles for a more nuanced view. 
Lost Lives, Lost Art by Melissa Muller [940.318 Muller] 
Lost Masters by Peter Harclerode [940.5314 Harclerode]
Jacket.aspx (240×353)
Rape of Europa [DVD 709.409 RAPE]

Rescuing Da Vinci by Robert M. Edsel [709.409 EDSEL]

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