Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What We're Reading Now: A True Tale of Cold War Espionage

327.1247 PHILBY Macintyre

What does it take to be a spy?  What makes that spy serve two opposing masters? Ben Macintyre delves into the mystery of Kim Philby, a graduate of Westminster School and Cambridge, who rose through the ranks of British intelligence and betrayed England for years in service to the Soviet cause.  He enjoyed deception for its own sake; he used his friendship with MI 6 colleague Nicholas Elliot and the American James Angleton to send many to their deaths without a qualm.

Philby was spying on everyone, and no one was spying on him, because he fooled them all.

Philby had the right pedigree and the right education- higher-ups simply didn’t believe he could be a spy, so he was never caught.   He fled to Moscow and died there, a Soviet citizen.

What better time to read about Cold War spying?  Steven Spielberg’s latest movie, “Bridge of Spies” about the negotiation to exchange downed American pilot Gary Powers for convicted KGB spy Rudolf Abel, has recently been released to theaters.

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