Tuesday, September 08, 2015

What We're Reading Now: Where Shall I Put my Treasures?

“Never stop to think…do I have a place for this?” by Mary Randolph Carter (747 Carter)

In the introduction to her book, Mary Randolph Carter shares the reason for writing this particular book:
“If there’s a place for it in your heart, there’s a place for it in your home.”
She talks about the collections that fill her house and how much they mean to her, their value not measured in money, but in her love for them. She interviews other collectors (including family members) who share their own passions for collecting- religious statuary, books, primitive art, coral, miniature souvenirs, key chains, framed silhouettes, whatever.  A collection needn’t be huge: collector Kent Hunter feels you can have a collection with only three items. If you have a small space, collect small items. It’s not the size of the collection that matters, but what it means to you.  The many photographs highlight their individual collector’s treasures and may inspire readers to display their own beloved memories.

Most of the collections featured are on the East Coast and favor antiques, but the ideas can serve as a springboard for display in the California ranch or the Bay Area Victorian. I have a friend who collects Hawaiian art. She changes their position, puts them away for a season and then brings them back to new life on a different wall, along with another treasured Hawaiian memento.         

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