Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What We're Reading Now: What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?

“I kiss your hands many times” by Marianne Szegdey-Maszak  (940.5318 SZEGEDY-MASZAK)

Have you ever wondered what drew your parents together?  Marianne Szegdey-Maszak grew up in America, but her parents had a very different story.  This memoir allows her to explore the history of her family-and twentieth century Hungary- with the help of letters she discovers at her mother’s death.    Her mother’s family was Hungarian, Jewish and aristocratic. They struck a bargain with Himmler and escaped from Hungary with their lives and little else.   Her father worked in the Hungarian foreign ministry, opposed the Nazis and was sent to Dachau for his efforts. After liberation, her parents married.  The family settled successfully in the U.S, but the life her parents lived was gone forever.

The chaos of war and the plight of refugees rings just as true today –just pick up a newspaper or watch the news.  

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