Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What We're Reading Now: Celebrity Biography

“Love life” by Rob Lowe  (791.4302 Lowe)

Rob Lowe has progressed from a teen heart throb in the 80’s movie hit Outsiders to a successful actor, producer, husband and father. He is also an engaging writer, including many anecdotes of his experiences with individuals (Hugh Hefner, Maggie Smith) as well as life on the sets of various television series (West Wing, Brothers and Sisters, Californication, Parks and Recreation). There were bumps along the way; he credits a stay in rehab with guiding him to embrace a future where he would stay sober proudly.  He has excellent advice for his sons:
I tell my boys they need to say yes to life, get out and make their own memories… when our time comes it won’t be our bank balance that comforts us. I tell them not to be afraid. Don’t fear the rejection that can come from putting yourself out there. By creating your own memories, you will always have something to share with the rest of us. 

Lowe’s character in the television series Parks and Recreation, the ever-positive Chris Traeger, always makes me laugh. The Library has all seven seasons on DVD (DVD Parks SET) if you’ve missed it.     

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