Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What We're Reading Now: Menace at the Opera

Falling in Love (M LEON) by Donna Leon

Commisario Guido Brunetti welcomes his old friend Flavia Petrelli, opera singer par excellence, back to Venice’s opera house La Fenice. Her performance in Tosca is a triumph. When she is inundated with unwanted yellow roses and a young singer whom she complimented is thrown down a staircase, she turns to Guido for help. Brunetti must enter the mind of the stalker in order to unmask “the villain of the piece” onstage at La Fenice.

This isn’t just a mystery series-- Brunetti’s workmates, the city of Venice, and his family life form an integral part of the story. The enterprising Signorrina Elettra at the Questura uses her contacts to home in on the stalker. Guido’s wife Paola prepares wonderful meals-lentils with hot salami and candied currants, veal roll with sweet sausage, and crème caramel for dessert-- I’d hurry home to eat, too.

Guido doesn’t limit himself to solving murders. I particularly liked his thoughts about reading:

To serious readers like him and Paola, reading was an activity, not a pastime and so the presence of another person added nothing to it…he envied Paola her ability to disappear into the text, leaving them all behind.

So, leave everyone behind. Add this title to your list for Adult Summer Reading – Read to the Rhythm. Get lost in the story (and listen to Tosca) or read other Leon titles featuring opera -- Death at La Fenice and Acqua Alta (M Leon).

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