Tuesday, March 03, 2015

What We're Reading Now: Mother Love

“Glitter and glue: a memoir” by Kelly Corrigan (994.4092 Corrigan)

Twenty–some years ago, Kelly Corrigan graduated from college and yearned for adventure. She and a friend headed to Australia, but the money ran out. Faced with going home or working, she found a job as a nanny for a grieving widower with two young children bewildered by their mum’s death. She found herself remembering her mother’s words (many of which she had rejected out-of-hand growing up) and applying them to her new situation. She had never understood before, but now she did-her mother was indeed “the glue” in her family.
Mothers’ words often go unheeded.  Corrigan was lucky-she was able to appreciate her mother while she was still alive. Once she became a mother herself, the respect and love for her mother’s efforts only grew.    

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