Tuesday, March 31, 2015

What We're Reading Now: How About Them Tomatoes?

In the spring, does your gardening fancy turn not to love but to the thought of the summer tomato harvest? Check out “Epic tomatoes” to learn the tomato’s history and the many varieties to grow and eat, as well as the pros and cons of growing from seed, growing in containers or buying plants purchased at your local nursery.  Gorgeous color photographs, mouth-watering recipes and troubleshooting suggestions for growing them yourself round out the engaging look at this luscious fruit.  Summer can’t come too soon!
I count Early Girls, Sweet 100s, Cherokee Chocolates and Lemon Boys among my personal favorites.  Right now, the Mountain View Farmer’s Market has tomato plants to sell-get growin!   If you don’t have a garden to grow them yourself, the Farmer’s Market will have a wonderful tomato harvest later in the year.  

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