Tuesday, March 24, 2015

What we’re reading now: Good mother, bad mother?

In Laura Lippman’s latest mystery, mother issues and threatening notes predominate. Melisandre Dawes had left Baltimore and her children ten years before, after a sensational trial in which she was cleared in the murder of her youngest daughter by reason of insanity.  She returns to Baltimore to re-establish contact with her remaining teenage daughters and to film the reunion with a documentary. Her personal trainer is poisoned and she receives anonymous notes alluding to her past; she turns to her old friend Tyner Gray for help.   Tyner recruits P.I.  Tess Monaghan to investigate on Melisandre’s behalf.  Tess is struggling to juggle work and family (partner Crow and toddler daughter Carla Scout) but she reluctantly agrees to take on the case.  Tess, too, receives anonymous notes which escalate in intensity. Are the notes connected? Tess must unravel all the lies and misinformation before she unmasks the true culprit in the case. 

I have read many of Laura Lippman’s stand-alone mysteries but none of the Tess Monaghan series.  I’m definitely going to read more of Tess-this was the best mystery I’ve read so far this year.     

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