Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What We're Reading Now: Apples of Uncommon Character

Apples of uncommon character by Rowan Jacobsen (634.11 Jacobsen)

Author Rowan Jacobsen describes himself as an apple stalker, not an expert.  He consulted the experts and created this beautiful book about apples. Years ago, Macintosh, Red Delicious and Granny Smiths were the only options at the grocery store, but the rise of farmer’s markets, consumers opting for taste rather than shelf-life, and the trend toward healthy food in general has opened up a whole new world. In “Apples of uncommon character”, learn about more than hundred varieties of apple. Color photographs and a detailed description of each variety draw the reader into the apple experience-their history, what they look like, where they are grown, what they taste like, how they feel in your mouth, how to cook with them.  Recipes are included.

Recipes: he recommends nuts rather than oats for apple crisp and mixing apple varieties (at least three) for more flavor. Brussel sprouts with apples and bacon looked appealing to me, but I haven’t tried it yet.   No recipes for apple soup or apple cake, but  if you want to make that “perfect pie”, you can find the recipe here.  

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