Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bingewatching for the Holidays: Family drama on “Parenthood”

Put down those worthy histories of war and pestilence, put off the self-improvement tomes until next year, and pick up a DVD set from our collection to chill out during the coming vacation. We have many series for your viewing pleasure, be your interest in murder and mayhem, family sagas, comedy or drama.

For the months of December and January, we’ll be featuring weekly staff picks of particular genres. Sit back and enjoy with no guilt - no calories are involved with this kind of binging.

Meet three generations of Bravermans.  Zeek and Camille have weathered many storms in their 40-plus years of marriage.  They have four adult children, each with their own complicated lives.  Over the years, son Adam and his wife Kristina face a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome for their son Max, Kristina’s unplanned pregnancy and daughter Haddie leaving home. Son Crosby is a screw-up whose life changes drastically when he discovers he has a son. Daughter Julia is a successful lawyer who finds over time that she can’t have it all without paying a price. Daughter Sarah is a single mother who comes home to her parents with her two teenage children to start over in life.

The series is set in the Bay Area, with an excellent ensemble cast.  This is its sixth and final season on network television-critics consider it the best show about families currently on the screen.  It deals with real issues-I thought the episodes dealing with Christina’s bout with cancer were especially good.  My adult son thinks Crosby is the only redeeming character; I like them all, but I have a fondness for Zeek. 

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