Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Binge Watching for the Holidays: Parks and Rec and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Put down those worthy histories of war and pestilence, put off the self-improvement tomes until next year, and pick up a DVD set from our collection to chill out during the coming vacation. We have many series for your viewing pleasure, be your interest in murder and mayhem, family sagas, comedy or drama.

For the months of December and January, we’ll be featuring weekly staff picks of particular genres. Sit back and enjoy with no guilt - no calories are involved with this kind of binging.

Parks and Recreation (DVD PARKS-1 SET)

Welcome to Pawnee, Indiana: join Leslie Knope and her co-workers (Amy Poehler heads a great ensemble cast) as they tackle projects to improve their city. Leslie starts out as assistant director in "Parks and Recreation", but she has big dreams-perhaps the presidency? Her enthusiasm is boundless; her adventures are laugh-out-loud funny. Who ever knew that bureaucracy could be so hilarious?
I discovered the show on an airplane last spring. I’m up to Season six and looking forward to its final televised season, beginning Tuesday January 13.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" follows five of the most despicably lovable (or is it lovably despicable?) characters seen in an American sitcom.  Season one introduces twins Dennis and Sweet Dee, and their friends Charlie and Mac.  They run an Irish pub in Philadelphia, and this setting provides the backdrop as they tackle such hilarious issues as racism, abortion, underage drinking, and gun control.  
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is not for the faint-hearted.  It is dark humor at it's finest. The first season is fantastic, but future seasons are even better; The show really hits its stride once Danny DeVito's character Frank shows up in Season Two.

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