Tuesday, December 02, 2014

What We're Reading Now: Kill My Mother

Looking for some light, post-Thanksgiving reading?

Kill My Mother by Jules Feiffer (GN FEIFFER)

Jules Feiffer’s graphic novel , a homage to noir, begins in the year 1933. Spirited young Annie resents her long-suffering mother’s attempts to provide for her after her cop-father’s death; mother Elsie works for a drunken private eye whom she hopes will solve the mystery of her husband’s murder.   Elsie becomes involved in her boss’ current case involving a tall forbidding blonde; the boss winds up dead. Fast forward to 1943 and the Pacific island of Tarawa, where all the characters converge as a USO troupe performs for war-weary Marines. 

Feiffer dedicated his novel to Milton Caniff, Dashiell Hammett and Billy Wilder among others. Tough broads, blazing guns, a Hollywood actor wildly ambitious beyond his ability, a murderous blonde, complicated family relationships and mistaken identities come together for an ending worthy of the best comic strips- and hard-boiled movies -of the era.      

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