Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What We're Reading (and Doing): LEGO Architecture

LEGO Architecture by Philip Wilkinson (720.22 Wilkinson)

Did you play with LEGOs as a child? When it comes to LEGOs, the sky is the limit and it’s no longer just for children. LEGO Architecture highlights the many models that enthusiasts can recreate with LEGO bricks et al. The cover draws you in immediately with silhouettes of famous landmarks in black on a silver background. Inside, vivid color pictures of the original structures –the Sydney Opera House, New York’s Empire State Building, Chicago’s John Hancock Center , Rome’s Trevi Fountain,  Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Tokyo’s Imperial Hotel and London’s Big Ben among others- and the models  created with LEGOs demonstrate the intricacies involved in the building process.  You may not visit all these sites in the flesh, but you can build these replicas

If the price tag for a set is a little steep, check out this book as a first step.  Then join us this Thursday, October 16th,  for Lunchtime Legos for Grown-Ups. See if it's still as fun as you remember. Drop-in anytime between 12:30 and 1:30.

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