Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What We're Reading: All Fall Down

All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner (FICTION WEINER)

Allison Weiss supposedly has it all, but it’s fraying at the edges. She’s doing well as a blogger, much better than her newspaper journalist husband. Her father’s dementia is getting worse, but her mother doesn’t want to face it. Her young daughter challenges her at every opportunity. Life is exhausting -so what’s the solution? It starts with a little white pill (leftover from a prescription for back pain ) that gets her through the day. Soon it’s multiple pills, gotten by any means she can. She ends up in rehab, a solidly middle-class woman who made a wrong turn. After rehab is a different life, a hard road to staying clean and a different happy ending:
Life on life’s terms. It was an absolute bitch. There was no more tuning out…no more using opiates…to fill in the cracks… I would try to be grateful that I’d stopped when I had instead of berating myself for letting things get as bad as they’d gotten. I had learned what I needed to learn. 
I thought Weiner had exaggerated the ease of slipping into addiction, but the news says otherwise. Prescription drug abuse made the front pages of the September 7 San Jose Mercury News, detailing the rise in fatalities from prescription drug overdose. A recent New Yorker feature (September 8) detailed the overdose epidemic in middle-class Staten Island. No happy endings, just grieving families.

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