Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Happy Birthday, ESL club

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!

Did you know that the tune is the same in other languages? I heard it in Russian, Chinese, Thai, English and Spanish as the Library marked the first full year of the drop-in ESL Conversation Club on Wednesday, August 27, with a birthday cake and other treats. We don’t always have food, but we always have fun learning about other cultures.

There are usually about forty people at our ESL Conversation Club every Wednesday, 5-6 pm in the Community Room. We use different formats to spark conversation.  On special occasions, we have a party.  Sometimes we have a "speed dating" style meeting, where we have seven minute conversations with lots of different people.

And sometimes we sit in small conversation groups - one native English speaker per table and then four or five non-native speakers with different levels of English. Last week, my table had citizens of Japan, Thailand, Iran, Turkey and Argentina eager to improve their conversational English. Every week is a different topic; sometimes we stay on topic, other times we digress. I’ve gotten some great tips from my table mates on good restaurants to try featuring their cuisines.

We can always use more native speakers –please drop in any Wednesday for some great conversation.

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