Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Reader Rabbit Recommends: War Horse

maggie the reader rabbit

Join our Adult Summer Reading program, and Paws to Read along with Maggie. Maggie is not only a wonderful pet, she loves to sink her teeth into a good book.  

This week Maggie (our Reader Rabbit) recommends:

War Horse

By Michael Morpurgo
J Fiction Morpungo

I haven’t read a book about a horse since I read Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty when I was eight but I was drawn to Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse after I saw the adaptation in play form in San Francisco a few years ago.War Horse is an autobiography, just like Black Beauty.  It’s 1914-Joey is a red bay colt, sold at auction to a drunken farmer. Albert, the farmer’s son, bonds with Joey, sees all Joey’s promise and does his best to train him, limiting contact between his father and his horse.Summer ends: Europe is at war.  Albert’s father sells Joey to the army as a mount for the cavalry, but Albert is too young to go to war with Joey. As a war horse, Joey serves many masters-an English captain, a battle-worn young trooper, German stretcher cases, a French farmer and his granddaughter-before Albert joins the veterinary service and finds Joey in France. The story makes clear war’s horror and its resulting carnage (human and animal) but it is balanced by moments of great tenderness.

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