Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Reader Rabbit Recommends: Pack of Two

maggie the reader rabbit

Our Adult Summer Reading program is petering out, but Maggie is still hopping along with her reading. Maggie is not only a wonderful pet, she loves to sink her teeth into a good book.  

This week Maggie (our Reader Rabbit) recommends:

Pack of Two: The Intricate Bond Between People and Dogs

By Caroline Knapp
LT 636.7088 Knapp

“Pack of two” by Caroline Knapp (LT 636.7088 Knapp) Author Caroline Knapp had reached a crossroads in her life: both parents died within a year of each other and she stopped drinking alcohol. To fill the void, she became the proud owner of a eight-week-old puppy from the shelter, whom she named Lucille. She gave Lucille a home, but Lucille gave her so much more: love, companionship, a way to live beyond alcohol. 
I almost never feel lonely when I’m in the company of the dog…Out in the world with her, I have found a path to others. At home with her, I have found a way to be alone without the ache. 
When she realized the impact Lucille had on her life, she began to interview other dog owners about their experiences and researched the owner-pet bond as well. With this book, she ably captured the joys, frustrations, missteps, fantasies and successes which are part of the learning curve for humans and canines alike.

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