Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Haiku in English

Haiku in English (808.8141 Haiku)

I first encountered the Japanese haiku form of poetry as a junior high assignment. We had to write a poem in English-17 syllables in three lines on any topic. I’ve admired the effort involved ever since. “Haiku in English: the first 100 years” includes a summary of the haiku’s history and 800 poems originally written in English by 200 poets.  The poets’ skills in this short format are amazing and a pleasure to read and savor.     

Making Masterpiece: 25 years behind the scenes (791.4502 EATON)
Making Masterpiece
by Rebecca Eaton
Do you enjoy Masterpiece Theatre?  Rebecca Eaton’s “Making Masterpiece” may be just your cup of tea. Interviews with Kenneth Branaugh, Diana Rigg, cast members of Downton Abbey and her own reminiscences make for a great story. As executive producer, she worked with hosts Alistair Cooke and Vincent Price; Michael Palin turned her down for a host slot and she only got as far as George Clooney’s agent. She worked hard and oversaw many outstanding programs: Prime Suspect, Middlemarch, Buccaneers, Cranford, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey among others. Television producing is hard, complicated work but she explains it well. After reading this, I want to watch these series and the other Masterpiece productions all over again.  

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