Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Firsts for February 7 - Charlie Chaplin and the Beatles

Firsts for February 7

100 years ago, Charlie Chaplin’s  children’s soap box derby and shot Chaplin as the Tramp getting in the way of the racing cars and mugging for the camera. His jacket was tight, his pants were big and too short, his moustache was small; he carried a cane and wore a derby. He improvised-and made film history.  
character the Little Tramp debuted on the silver screen in “Kid Auto races at Venice”. It was Chaplin’s second film. The film crew went to an actual

50 years ago, the Beatles arrived in New York (the first stop on their first American tour) for a live performance a few days later on the Ed Sullivan Show.  On February 9, Ed Sullivan introduced them to his studio viewers and his television audience, mentioning that Elvis Presley had sent a congratulatory telegram. Seventy- three million Americans watched them sing “All my loving’”, Til there was you”, “She loves you”, “I saw her standing there” and “I want to hold your hand”. It made television history and marked the beginning of the so-called British invasion.  

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