Thursday, December 05, 2013

Happy money

Happy Money by Elizabeth Dunn & Michael Norton
 Happy Money (332.024 Dunn) authors Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton, money itself doesn’t make you happy- but you can work on spending it in a different way, with happiness the by-product.  They have solid research to support their thesis.  
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If you buy things, they quickly lose their luster-buy experience (a trip or an adventure).  Treating yourself to a latte or dessert everyday doesn’t lead to more satisfaction; having something less frequently allows you to savor the moment -and be happy.  You can’t buy time but you can use your time differently to feel happy-exercising, reading and spending time with friends can increase your happiness more than watching that new TV. (One of the biggest time stealers is long commutes. You’ll be happier with a smaller house and a shorter distance to work, a hard thing to achieve in the pricey Bay Area.)  If you pay for something upfront rather than afterwards, you have all the pleasure of anticipating it-and you’re happier as a result. If you give some of your money to others, (a charity or a gift for a friend) you’ll be more satisfied than if you spent it all on yourself. Happiness is just around the corner…

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