Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What we are reading... October 2013

Call For the Dead by John Le Carre

The installation of the Berlin Wall segment at the Library made me think of John Le Carre’s Cold War thrillers.  I searched out Le Carre’s first book, Call for the Dead (FICTION LE CARRE), which introduced the character of George Smiley, all-too-human spymaster.  Smiley interviews civil servant Samuel Fennan as a possible security leak; Smiley decides there is no reason to continue the investigation and assures Fennan the matter is closed.  Fennan then kills himself, leaving a note that his career is ruined. Smiley doesn’t believe it. His search for answers leads to more deaths and betrayals before the grim conclusion.  

The Four Agreements
How can we grow as individuals?  In Four Agreements (299.792 Ruiz), Don Miguel Ruiz expands on the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs of Mexico. He outlines the steps one can take along their suggested path for personal growth: stay true to your word, don’t take anything personally, never assume and always do your best.

The Light in the Ruins
Chris Bohjalian’s Light in the Ruins (FICTION BOHJALIAN) demonstrates that privilege is no protection for the Rosati family in war-torn Italy. As World War II progresses, the German-Italian alliance becomes a German occupation; by war’s end, the family is broken and the villa is destroyed.  Years later, a murderer is targeting the remaining family members.  Florentine investigator  Serafina  Bettini believes the reason for the attacks must go back to the war.  As the case evolves, her war experiences- and her link to the villa-come to light. 

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