Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What We're Reading Now

My bookstore: writers celebrate their favorite place to browse, read and shop (381.45 My)

"My bookstore” is a physically attractive book, with rough-cut edges to increase the reader’s  tactile experience.  Eighty-four writers in all pay tribute to bookstores  and  the  booksellers  who encouraged  their writing and introduced them to the reading public as well as other writers.   Pen and ink drawings highlight each entry, usually with a quote from either writer or bookseller on the experience of loving, owning reading and selling books.  It’s a delight.

Uncommon reader (FICTION  BENNETT)

Some things are never supposed to change, especially when you’re the Queen; tradition, ritual and duty are paramount to one’s life and one’s country.  But what if, after going along for decades, a whole new world opens up?  

Chasing after her corgis, she happens upon the Bookmobile during its visit to Buckingham Palace. 

She starts with fiction by Ivy Compton-Burnett, then moves on Nancy Mitford and Charles Dickens. Over time, she ventures into nonfiction with J. R  Ackerley’s “My dog Tulip”(she’s mad about dogs)  as well as Philip Larkin’s poetry.  She becomes immersed in reading and finds that duty isn’t quite so compelling any longer. Why officiate at yet another state function when one could read a book instead?  Why indeed-Alan Bennett’s novel of reading and its consequences is laugh-out-loud funny. 

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