Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Cheese, glorious cheese

How do we get from a block of cheese to this beautiful Mac& Cheese dish ?   

Laura Werlin's Mac & Cheese
Author Laura Werlin provided the real deal on Wednesday, May 29, when she brought her macaroni and cheese casserole with smoked blue, hazelnuts and leeks for the audience to taste in the Community Room.

We were all primed for it-the program started with a video of Werlin making a salami and grilled cheese sandwich with proper technique (grated cheese rather than sliced, olive oil on the olive bread-not in the pan- for an additional flavor of Italy.)

She gave us her background in cheese-she loves exploring cheese and her passion clearly came across in the presentation.  She brought samples of three cheeses:  Melodie, a goat cheese from California; Comte, a French-made cow’s milk cheese and Lamb Chopper, a sheep’s milk cheese made in Holland to the specifications of a California company.  All in all, it was a delicious component to Adult Summer Reading.

Looking forward
There’s another scrumptious activity scheduled for Wednesday, June 5, when Barb Stuckey speaks on her book Taste: surprising stories and science about why food tastes so good. Join us in the Community Room at 7 pm for another taste treat. The author will also have copies of her book for sale and signing. 

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