Monday, May 06, 2013

What We're Reading Now

CALL # 702.812 DELANY Peacock

The Paper Garden : An Artist {Begins Her Life's Work} at 72 by Molly Peacock.

I LOVED this book , and actually bought it. Mary Delaney had a terrible first marriage to a man much older than she and a lovely second one.

She was brought up to be lady in waiting at Court in England, and never achieved that, but in her 70's, she starts on a project of botanical collages, a technique she invented.

At the end of her life, she was befriended by King George III, who shared Mary's passion for botany. Molly interweaves Mary's story with her own memoir of a happy second marriage and a career that blossoms later in life.


Adult Mysteries - 2nd Floor M Billingham

Detective Tom Thorne returns in top form in Mark Billingham’s The Demands. Policewoman Helen Weeks stops at a small shop for gum and chocolate and ends up as a hostage. Shop owner Javed Akhtar demands justice for the death of his son Amin in prison. Akhtar thinks his son was murdered and he wants Thorne to prove it. Akhtar has a gun and two hostages; Thorne has to find the truth while balancing the lives of the hostages and his investigation of  the prison system.   

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