Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I read and I cook: Gourmet Italian

I read and I cook: Gourmet Italian

A columnist in the San Jose Mercury News last month noted that new cooks would benefit from using the library for cookbooks before purchasing one themselves. I think this is a great idea -it saves lots of shelf space at home. Normally I check out a cookbook and try one thing-in Gourmet Italian, I tried six. I’ve been trying to expand my vegetable repertoire in particular and it came in handy. (The recipes for carrots with shallots and sage was a particular standout.) The amount of prep and cooking time listed in most recipes ran true, very important when you want to eat the food rather than just visualizing it. Most recipes have less than 10 ingredients, many have fewer. Good tips abound: basics (sauces for salads and pasta) and menus for that special occasion when you’re going all out to create a feast are included.

The recipes are on one page, with a color picture of the finished product on the facing page. It’s visually attractive and not physically too large (pages are 9 by 7, and the book is little more than ½ inch thick) so it’s not overwhelming to browse or follow recipes for the new cook or those more experienced.

I would have tried more things, but other people are waiting their turn and I’m betting they will enjoy it too. Buon appetito!

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