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What We're Reading: Persian authors in honor of the upcoming Persian New Year

Happy New Year!  No, it’s not too late. Persian New Year, marking the first day of spring according to the Persian calendar, is March 20 this year.  The Library is celebrating with a reading of the classic Persian poet Rumi’s words with music, Persian tea and small treats on Sunday, March 10 in the Library Community Room, 2-4 pm. 

In addition to Rumi’s poetry, Mountain View has a small but growing collection of books (and dvds) in Persian for customers.   

Persian reader Mary recommends the following titles:

“Masnavi Manavi” by Molana Jalaluddin Rumi comes in 7 series. These books are all written in beautiful and meaningful poems and teach people the lessons of life. They cover every aspect of people’s life and have answers for almost all of your questions in  day to day life.

FYI, I read this book a while ago with a group of my friends (Persian book club) for about five years, and now we have started again a year ago to read the whole series.        
“Soheila” by Hamideh Vahidi is a romance novel about a girl, Soheila, who is forced by her family to marry her cousin. What makes it interesting is that Soheila and her cousin grew up together and have disliked  each other ever since they were kids. In addition to that the jealousy of a female cousin who is in love with Soheila’s husband almost ruins her life. Despite their differences, Soheila and her husband learn how to forget their differences and love one another.

Persian reader Soussan recommends the following titles:
Soleymani, Belgheys.
    Khalih Bazi ( Playing Auntie). Tehran : Nashr-i Quqnūs, 1387 [2008 or 2009].  240 p.
Khalih Bazi ( Playing Auntie) by Belgheys Soleymani examines the personal and political past and present from the viewpoints of two women friends who haven’t seen each other in sixteen years. The main protagonist is a scholar and writer, married with kids. The other friend, a former party girl in college, is a brilliant woman.
خاله بازی نوشته بلقیس سلیمانی به بررسی مسایل  شخصی و سیاسی و گذشته و حال از دیدگاه دو زن دوست قدیمی دانشگاهی که یک دیگر را بعد از شانزده سال می بینند می بردازد.  شخصیت اصلی، یک محقق و نویسنده بچه ها ازدواج کرده و دو فرزند دارد. دیگری بسیار با هوش ولی بیشتراهل خوشگذرانی بود. بلقیس سلیمانی یکی از قویترین وبا مطالعه ترین نویسندگان زن معاصر ایران می باشد.

Qods, Saideh.
Kimiya Khatun. Tihrān, Irān : Chashmah, 1386 [2007]
 Kimiya Khatun by Saideh Qods gives the reader a behind the scenes look at the life of two icons of Iran’s mysticism, Rumi and his mentor Shams. The protagonist, Kimiya Khatoon is the daughter of Rumi whom he gives in marriage to Shams, almost forty years her senior.  This book has been translated into English.
نوشته سعیده قدس در رمان بر فروش و جنجالی  کیمیا خاتون  پشت صحنه هایی از زندگی دو سمبل عرفان ایران، مولوی و شمس مراد وی رابه خواننده نشان می دهد.. شخصیت اصلی، کیمیا خاتون، دختر  مو لا ناست  که وی او را به ازدواج شمس  که تقریبا 
 چهل سال از اوبزرگتر است در می آورد. این کتاب به انگلیسی هم ترجمه شده است.

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