Saturday, May 26, 2012

Margin Call

If you have a chance to see Margin Call, you will see many fine actors–Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Paul Bettany and Stanley Tucci among others.  I especially like Tucci. He always brings something to the table when he’s in a film.  I loved him as Paul Child in Julie and Julia; he held his own as the supportive husband to Merle Streep’s Julia Child.  But did you know that he starred in another food-centric film?

He wrote, directed and produced Big Night, a delightful story about food, family and restaurants.  He plays Secondo, the maître d’ brother of Primo (Tony Shaloub), a chef determined to create culinary perfection whose 1950’s clientele isn’t ready for such quality food.   Primo believes cooking is an art and that meals in his restaurant should reflect that, even if customers want ordinary fare and flock to mediocre diners which give them just that. The restaurant is failing, the situation is desperate.  A “friendly” competitor (Ian Holm) devises a plan-if jazzman Louie Prima performs there, their troubles will be over. An all-out effort to create a fantastic meal ensues.  It’s a lovely film, encompassing grand dreams, dashed hopes, garlic and ordinary life.    

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