Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue Blood

If you follow Blue Bloods this current television season, you might like the memoir on which it’s based, Edward Conlon’s Blue blood (363.2094 CONLON).  Conlon covers his years as a cop, starting out on the housing project beat and rising to detective, working Narcotics along the way.  This is a realistic portrayal of the daily grind, not car chases and pratfalls, although there can be PR disasters and rewarding moments as well.  

I just finished his first novel, Red on red (FICTION CONLON). The cop interaction reminds me of the best of TV’s NYPD Blue or Hill Street Blues; there are several intersecting story lines with enough gritty truth and pathos (suicide, mistaken identity, murder and a serial rapist) to admire anyone who takes up a badge and works the Job.

He recently retired from the force because “I was a cop for 18 years and I only wrote one fiction book.”  Here’s hoping there are many more books to come from Mr. Conlon. 

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