Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big History: an Introduction to (Nearly) Everything

The Mountain View Public Library will host a free 8-part program entitled “Big History: an Introduction to (Nearly) Everything,” based on the innovative course developed by historian David Christian.

The Big History project offers a “big picture” of events from the Big Bang to evolution to modern human history. The course integrates the history of the cosmos, Earth, life, and humanity. There is even an association devoted to this project.

The Big History Project was started by Bill Gates and David Christian to enable the global teaching of big history. Big history is the attempt to understand, in a unified way, the history of Cosmos, Earth, Life and Humanity. The Big History Project was launched at the 2011 TED conference at Long Beach, California on March 2nd, 2011.

John Hostettler, professor of chemistry, SJSU, will lead the series of 8 presentations, using DVDs from The Teaching Company's course, taught by Christian himself. The program will take place Mondays from 7:00 – 8:30 pm, from October 3 through November 21. All sessions will meet in the Library’s Community Room. To register for the series please call the Library’s Information Desk at (650) 903-6337.

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